Short Story – Your Responsibilities in Simcity Buildit

Simcity buildit game is a most interesting and popular game among the people and it is an open ended city building game it is designed as video game series. The simcity game initially developed in California and published by the maxis and it has been travelled several series due to its successful featured platform. More over all series of the simcity buildit are remains as a bestselling computer games. The game play initially starts with the task explaining about the city, the player has given the responsibility to act as a mayor of the city and need to make the green patched land to a developed city.

The game is designed with several higher levels which would make player to feel hard to complete. At the beginning of the game the player is given with the map of the city using this map player has to plan for the development of the city. The development of the city mainly based on the special buildings constructed in and around the city, all these buildings are constructed using the budget amount of the city. Mayor of the city has more responsibility in making citizen of the city comfortable by fulfilling their needs.

Mayor’s responsibilities to make city as developed one

Mayor’s first  construction is to build special building such as court house, mayor house these buildings are located in the center of the city. If the city is developed mayor has to build several public buildings such as residential buildings, industrial buildings which makes the city more developed city. In order to make the city budget high mayor should make availability to import and export the resource of the city to the neighboring cities.

The player should make some basic facilities for the people such as electricity, waste management’s, water services, security guards, public services like police station for one residential sector if player fails to provide all these services it may to people strike which may disturb the development. In order to ensure the city protection the player has to build the government base such as military basin, federal jail etc.

This simcity buildit game is generally designed as a single player game if the player wish to play the game as a multiplayer along with his friends gaming platform allows the user to share the additional map which can be played with their friends. In order to fulfill all these activities player needs to gain enormous coin which is not possible in normal play these reasons push the players to make use of the additional source such as hacking tools.

Easy tricks to win sim city buildit game

Most of the player feels hard for completing the game with in the time period and think it is impossible to finish the game but it is not the real thought. Player can complete the game with in the required time period by following some tricks which are mentioned below

  • The player needs to gain lots of simcash and simoleans while playing, for more info on this click here.
  • Player should build more number of buildings.
  • Each building should be within some circular range since perfect building zone can create more chance to gain simcash in maximum number.
  • Player can also make use of additional sources in order to gain simcash and simoleans in more number.
  • If player share his simcash and simoleans with friends it gives additional gain to the player.

Player should make the population of city fit within specified range if city is extended. Mayor is allowed to make selling and buying deal with neighbor cities which in turn helps the player to complete the game in short time.

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