Secure your world with Growtopia locks

Have you ever played a creative game? If yes, then you may have found it to have many complexities. But when you will be playing growtopia it will be a simple yet vast game. You can play growtopia in your Android or iOS devices and this game was developed by the Robinson Technologies. It is a good way of keeping yourself indulged during your free time.

When you will playing the game you will come across the importance of locking the world so here with this article an overview on the locks of the game will be discussed.

What are locks of growtopia?

Locks: Locks are very important when it comes to growtopia and this is something that you are going to understand properly while playing the game. It is used for manipulating the space by a user for the protection. By the default settings, there will be some normal locks that will be protecting the area. You can easily alter the protected area by using the option of ignoring empty air. So when you will be reapplying the lock buttons and it is getting ticked then that protected area with now shifts to the connected blocks which are affected. You can easily use this feature for customizing spaces after disconnecting the blocks from the locks for creating a shape which you desire. If you opt for the world lock then it is going to affect your entire world. You can also provide access to another user to certain areas in your world by placing some specific kind of locks.

Importance of securing the world

In growtopia one needs to continuously generate gems by planting and harvesting the trees so it is very important to protect them. And this only possible if you buy a secure world lock to apply to your world to keep the hooligans at the bay. In this way, you can also refrain them from punching you. So, in the beginning, you will have to get 50 Gems in your hand so that you can easily buy the locks. For collecting the gems all you have to do is destroy the cave backgrounds and dirt and plant some seeds for harvesting. After you have bought the small lock you can now proceed to the splicing of the trees with the cave background seeds in order to get doors.

The main importance of locking the world is to secure your possessions. Moreover, make sure you are away from the scammers who can easily hack the server, or using a growtopia hack apk. So always keep on harvesting plants so that you can easily secure the gems that will help you to lock your world for a long time. Growtopia may look quite simple but here you need to make friends who will inhabit in your world so their security is in your hand.

You can also use the growtopia cheats for gaining of resources like gems so that you can purchase more seeds for planting or harvesting. Cheats can help you in some stages of a game but do not be solely depended on the cheats and try to find out the accurate tactics for proceeding in the game.