The Zumba Fitness Video Game

If you’ve ever been up late at night with nothing to do, you’ve probably zipped through the channels and come across Zumba. Zumba is a Latin dance based workout that has taken America by storm. Well, if you’re like me you see a fun and exciting new way to get exercise without feeling like you’re exercising; you’ve got to try it. Zumba is great, fun moves coupled with great music; how can you beat that? Make it an interactive video game.
That’s just what Majesco Entertainment did and Zumba Fitness video game was one of the hottest titles flying off the shelves during the 2010 Christmas season. All you have to do is buy the game, put the belt on and get moving.

What is this video game like?

Zumba Fitness the video game is a lot like the DVD workout. But it has less instruction. You can choose to go through a brief instruction process and it is very brief. There is no great attention paid to detail. You do the moves, the Wii controller tracks your hip movements and that pretty much serves as the sole indicator of your ability to correctly do each move. The game is fast, if you’ve never encountered Zumba before it may be a little difficult to master the timing of the moves but it is lots of fun trying.

Will you lose weight?

The game makes no promises, I won’t either but if you eat right and stay active you will see some results. The Zumba Fitness video game is just a fun way to get your body moving. If you have a difficult time exercising or have no real interest in exercise but are in need of some physical activity, Zumba may be a great way to get started.

Will you learn real dance moves?

Yes. I have taken several Latin dance classes and the moves you learn while doing Zumba are actual foundational Latin dance moves. So, you can feel a real sense of accomplishment once you get those basic moves down. You never know, Zumba may spark a passion for dance.

Zumba Fitness is fun and inexpensive, around $39.99, anyone can do the workout. The belt is adjustable so it fits almost any waist size. The game doesn’t have an actual character working with you. Your instructor is a colorful silhouette that does the moves with you on screen. Other than that, I give the game an 8. So, give it a try. Work at your own pace, enjoy the music and move your body.